Cardi B Teams Up For the Halloween Twerk Session with Ellen DeGeneres ' Cardi E

Ellen DeGeneres unveiled her 2019 Halloween costume on Thursday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and it's a hilarious tribute to one of the game's most famous women at the moment: Cardi B.
Dressed in a crystal-accented black sequined dress, a long blonde wig and extra long nails, the host shared her look with her viewers, saying it was in homage to the character of the rapper in Hustlers. Through showing off her twerking skills and saying Cardi's famous "okurr," DeGeneres got into character, and you know what they're thinking: say "okurr" three times in a row and Cardi B is going to appear.

The 27-year-old star sailed on stage as Cardi E shook her groove stuff, then she was offered some twerking tips by the powerhouse rapper. "That'll get you a few bucks right there!" said the mom of Kulture to a DeGeneres dancing. "I'm going to buy you a lap dance."
Because it was the Halloween episode, Cardi B and Cardi E spooked in their interview about all things. "Are you afraid of things?" asked the star DeGeneres.

As Cardi revealed, "I am afraid of the heights, and I am afraid of the dark, the dark, the dark, the dark."
What she wasn't afraid of, however, was her impersonation by DeGeneres. And DeGeneres is not the only celebrity dressing this spooky season like other celebrities.

Indeed, Hollywood's biggest Halloween trend in 2019 was famous people pretending to be other famous people. For her famous 2000 Grammy's outfit, Lisa Rinna dressed as Jennifer Lopez. Jessica Biel dressed Justin Timberlake as a hubby, Timberlake was her microphone from his * NSYNC years. Dressed as a DJ Quik, Tracee Ellis Ross. Naomi Campbell from the 1990s was Normani. And daughter Stormi Webster was dressed up by Kylie Jenner as well as Kylie Jenner.
As for what Cardi B is going to be for this year's Halloween, the 27-year-old announced to DeGeneres that both she and Kulture will be Moana. The cuteness!

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