Kylie Jenner is wowing as she becomes Ariel

Kylie Jenner is a woman with a lot of looks, and her latest one on Instagram causes a huge stir.
The 22-year-old makeup mogul turned into Ariel on Wednesday night from The Little Mermaid for a Halloween party.

And as she crammed her ample cleavage into a violet shell bra, she made sure she paid proper attention to the Disney icon.
Both Ariel Winter and Kylie Jenner are fierce fashionistas, but is it because one steals the style of the other? An insider from the Kardashian family told EXCLUSIVE that Ky is not at all happy because she thinks that Ariel copies her completely!
"Kylie[ Jenner] is somewhat flattered by it, but at the same time she's somewhat irritated," an insider told EXCLUSIVE how the 19-year-old mogul lip kit feels about actress Ariel Winter, 19, dressing like her. "She is very proud of her unique style and it irritates her that Ariel steals her look endlessly, Kylie wants her to create her own style instead of doing same things as she does.While Kylie may be bothered by the fact that she and Ariel clearly have a very different taste in clothing, we know that she would NOT be happy with the way Ariel was recently handled on Instagram for showing off her body in some sexy threads that were totally Kylie's style.
On May 20, Ariel posted a picture of herself wearing a crop top and some really sexy booty shorts that we know Kylie would love to have, and then was targeted by trolls who believed she had photo-shopped the shot — something that Kylie had dealt with many times.

Thankfully, Ariel shares with Kylie another value— trust. "It's the real me," fired Ariel back at Instagram. "I'm not shopping for my pictures. At different angles, people look different. "NICE! While Kylie may be "annoyed" that on more than one occasion she and Ariel were caught wearing the same dress, we know she would never be offended that both of them had such high self-esteem!
HollywoodLifers, what do you think about the looks of Ariel and Kylie? Do you think it's too similar? What, if anybody thinks you're copying the other? Give us all of your below feelings!

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