Rihanna poses naked as she carefully covers with her enormous book her nude body

Rihanna is not worried about her stunning figure being flaunted.

Sieanna is one of today's DGAF's supreme examples, and her Instagram proves that. It's a strange amalgam of memes, tour pics, shilling Fentyx Puma, pictures of her family and friends— and RiRi shots in various undressing states. Rihanna knows she's sexy, she doesn't care about getting naked on social media, and she doesn't care about what you think, thanks a lot.
And the Diamonds hit-maker stripped off on Friday to promote new The Rihanna Book on Instagram for one of her sexiest posts to date.

The 31-year-old songstress stripped her clothing to expose her nude body, and she used her enormous book to cover her snap modesty.

In her raven-colored mane, Rihanna raked a free hand to show off her,The pop star adorned her body with rings and watches and a string of pearls, giving her appearance the showbiz sparkle.
Surrounded by fresh pink roses and orchids, a vibrant lipstick and tinted shades were added by the singer to ensure she stood out against the colorful backdrop.

While she posed in the nude, Rihanna also kept two orange roses around her head.

With its visual autobiography, the chart-topper welcomed her dearest admirers into her life.
This features glamorous snaps of her world tours and top fashion moments from her childhood in Barbdos.

While she peppered the book with pictures from moments with her family and friends, fans will also get a glimmer of her private life.

In the caption she wrote: "It's insane to look back at all the memories and share with you these precious moments!"
The book of Rihanna is packed with over 1000 star pictures and it is over 504 pages. It hit bookshelves on Friday, making it easy for her loyal fans to access her snaps. The singer has an enormous fan base and on Instagram she has 76.5 million dedicated followers.

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