Asian Man dies after Eating 41 Eggs after betting with friends

To settle a dispute with a friend, a man has died trying to eat 50 eggs.

The couple visited the Bibiganj market area in the Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, India, when they started arguing, police said.

They agreed to a Rs2,000 (£ 22) bet to settle the dispute that each would be the first to eat 50 eggs in a single sitting.
Police say that when he collapsed and fell unconscious, Subhash Yada had just started eating his 42nd egg.

The 42-year-old had been rushed to hospital but died a few hours later.
According to the Indo-Asian News Service, doctors believe Mr Yada died of overeating.

His family refused to comment on his passing, however.

Dana Hutchings died in August this year as he fell to the ground during a taco-eating contest in California after falling and hitting his head on a plate.
Medical staff tried to clear food airways, but after arriving at the hospital, he died less than half an hour.
Bethan Gaskin, 24, also shocked to death in February when she tried to see how many Jaffa Cakes she could fit into her mouth.

After being stuck in her chest, the young mother stopped breathing and suffered a heart attack.
Student Caitlin Nelson, 22, died in 2017 during a charity fundraiser at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut, USA, just minutes into a pancake-eating contest.

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