Ezekiel Mutua asks that the ETHIC music group be arrested for exposing their video tarimbo with some moral se..... Violence

Ezekiel Mutua, Chief Executive of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB), picked a new war with the controversial music group Ethic Entertainment on Friday, November 1.
Mutua took to social media to tear into the new hit Tarimbo of the group, claiming it was promoting violence against women.

The boss of the KFCB announced that he was seeking intervention from Google and the Directorate of Criminal Investigation.Have spoken to Google to take down Ethic Entertainment's song Tarimbo, which advocates rape against women. It is criminal to promote violence against women.
"By advocating violence against women, the DCI should arrest them, under Article 33, for going beyond the prescribed limitations on freedom of expression," Mutua said.
In his war against the boy band, he also reiterated his stance, reminding Kenyans how they defended another music band, Sailor's Gang, by banning their first hit, Wamlambez.
"When we banned people from Wamlambez, we were slammed for thwarting creativity. I asked the group if they could shout the phrase in front of their mothers and blatantly agreed with me.

"These so-called singers and performers have insulted all respectable cultures that are dear to them. In the name of money and fame they have thrown ethics to the four winds," Mutua launched an insult-laden assault that had to be censored.
He was further irritated by clubs and disc jockeys promoting the content of Ethic.   "My perception of Wamlambez and Tarimbo is that they are not musicians. They are demented circus bullies hiding behind the art to spread indecency. Every self-respecting DJ should not play such songs. No club should permit music that promotes violence against women.
"In the name of creative freedom, unless decent people rise up against the wave of immorality in Kenya, we will lose a generation. No freedom is absolute. We must draw the line this time round!" Mutua ran.
While on the phone, Mutua urged Kenyans to support his campaign to bring health to the music industry. Unlike the previous times when he acted independently, he defended his option to call for DCI and Google's interference.
"We're going to pick it up on Monday. Police and DCI uphold law and order. These applications also go directly to them. Our job is to give them our ranking report. You don't need to make a raunchy song to sell it.

"We don't have the authority to prosecute, that's the DCI's job. It would be done but there are protocols for it. The other times I banned songs based on them promoting pornography. There are laws governing pornography and its individual choice to watch pornography. But, it's not guaranteed to encourage violence against women," Mutua stated. Mutua also picked up a fight with Citizen TV in October 2019 over her Friday night show 10 Over 10 and her host Willis Raburu over what he considered dirty and unethical content.

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