Journey to blessing

This reality show will be cutting across the whole society from the high class to the low class.
This is to bring out a clear picture of the challenges that expectant women are going through in their journey to blessing.
This program was created by Ruth Mariatso with a desire of getting to know what the expectant women are going through in this world of expectancy 🤰🏾
In every step of the journey that she makes(the mum) we're going to be getting every little bit of the challenges that she's encountering until she receives the blessings.

Journey To Blessing, Episodes will be listed with the date of their premiere. A few details will be added for the days the episodes will start airing. Catch Up with Us On a weekly basis as we plan to start our project soon, we are always online to answer your questions as fast as we can: CEO Ruth Mariatso.
The whole program will be airing on my YouTube channel as well as some of the details are shared on my social media site
C.E.O  Ruth Mariatso

Twitter: @mariatsoamtsama Click Here
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Unknown said…
Awesome and we are in Prayers together
On Behalf of the Alereal Productions, We will stand with you Always!