Skating Giants in Kenya

Africa Best and top speed skaters are made from giant material and are unstoppable as they are waiting to be ranked among the best speed skater in the planet Earth

Sometimes it is good to take a little time to come to a conclusion. This gives you the opportunity to review the experience again. As New Horizon Team Members are being recognized as Africans Giants in Speed Skating.
2. Teddy Andanje

Teddy Andanje {founder of NHS club, current medal holder}
Tyrone Jowie {member NHS, African junior speed skater current gold medalist}
It has to be recognized that Teddy Osale Andanje founder of the club (NHS) was among the first Kenyans to participate in World speed Skating Championship. Tyrone Jowie was first recognized after scooping a gold medal in Egypt during the Africa Speed skating Championship that was held in November 2018, note: He was the first Kenyan to win the medal in the African championship. The young Giant has maintained his position and doing much better after doing it again this year in DRC and maintaining his role as one of the most undisputed new speed skater champion in Africa, this has come to the big conclusion that the two African giants are self-made speed skaters who stated their role and decided to make what was impossible to be done by Kenyans can be done and still be done much better, making the impossible possible.


Teddy Andanje mostly known as Coach Teddy is one of the most adorable and respected speed skater as he has raised and still raising new skaters under his team {New Horizon Skating Club} which is based in Machakos County (Kenya). Teddy Andanje is mostly recognized as one of the unbeatable seniors speed skater in Kenya, and now his borders have been extended to Africa as a continent and not only in Kenya, but these same specifications also apply to Tyrone jowie as he has also become unbeatable in his home country Kenya after winning all the National competitions in all junior short races and now is doing it in the African map but not only in Kenya.
Teddy Andanje has been named as among African giants after doing it in DRC as he prepares to do this again and again to disapprove those who are still in doubt about him, Teddy and Tyrone are also ready to be the first Kenyans that will be recognized in the world map as they are doing their level best to make sure their career will end while they will be holding some world skating championship medals and not only Africa. Tyrone Jowie is among the giants of junior speed skating and has no one to break his deadlock in his home country and now again in Africa as he has done again after doing it in Egypt 2018 and DRC 2019, TYRONE and Teddy are training much harder to try and break the African junior and senior short race record. Teddy is also doing his best to make sure his team NHS continues with the prosperity as they are raising new champions who will be recognized in the coming years. Just to quote one of them coming by the name Randy who is passionate about his career in skating, this will be the other bigger name that will be on the headlines of athletes coming years.

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