The bus attack by fans in Liverpool on Man City made them our greatest enemies, Vincent Kompany says.

In April 2018, bricks, stones and flares were bombarded by the coach taking the stars of City to Anfield.
Manchester City bus attack by Liverpool fans 2018

Yesterday, Jurgen Klopp acknowledged that Liverpool were shamed by the "senseless" attack and that the club had to take responsibility.

Merseyside Police have told the men of Pep Guardiola that they will do their utmost to ensure no repeat at the championship clash tomorrow. Ex-City Captain Kompany, writing with Ian Cheeseman in his book Treble Triumph, said: "I was bricked on the field. Things changed at that moment." The rivalry evolved and they became to beat our No 1 team. City fans ' mood for these Liverpool matches had improved.

"They'd already been seen as tough fixtures, but now there's more pressure." The bus attack came ahead of a first leg in the quarter-final of the Champions League, which City lost 3-0.

Company, 33, added: "None of us sat on that coach claiming that they were scared. But it was very unpleasant and should never have been allowed to happen. "I think the incident changed the way a lot of neutrals are looking at Liverpool."

"I think the incident changed the way a lot of neutrals looked at Liverpool." Kompany acknowledges that tensions were bubbling up even before that day in his new book ' Treble Triumph,' which was serialized in SunSport.

He said: "They had become the toughest team to win against to give them some credit. But I could see it turning into a profound rivalry.
"But from that moment on, it changed the way we viewed games against them. Playing our games against Liverpool has become even more important to us.
EOLBREAK" Other things contributed — sanctions not levied, reductions that ought or ought not to have been enforced.
"In that second leg, when Leroy Sane's tap-in should have been permitted, there was the goal that was ruled out.

"Building on these scandals are some strong rivalries." Klopp urged Liverpool fans yesterday to be on their best behavior in the run-up to kick-off— with a handful using online posts to try to encourage another bus attack.
He said, "It's been a pointless thing. It's our fault if someone is still upset at City.
"Not that we did everything together, we weren't all tossing the bottle or anything, but it was one of us. That's why we're in charge.

"We all have to make sure that something like this never happens again." Guardiola said yesterday: "I hope it won't happen again. It was known to the police, and they did nothing.

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