Update to new whatsapp; You can now determine whether to be added on WhatsApp groups or not

WhatsApp has rolled out a new tweak to its group chat feature, the most popular messaging app, to help users avoid a potentially awkward social situation.

If you are still stuck in meaningless groups of WhatsApp, this new feature is for you.

WhatsApp has added a way to prevent strangers and friends from adding you to groups without your permission in its latest update. Anyone with your phone number has been able to add you to a group chat before. For spam purposes or trolling, this allowed strangers to dump you into chats.
All of us were there. You search WhatsApp and find that a friend of a friend has unexpectedly added you to a group chat for a birthday, a wedding committee or a group of churches, and everyone is talking about people you don't even care about.

You're wondering if you're going to pause the group chat or run the risk of seeming to skip the conversation? or, do you leave, send a notification to everyone that shows how little you wanted to be part of the group in no uncertain terms.

WhatsApp now gives you the opportunity to decide if you can join groups or not.

This development was said by a spokesperson for the Facebook-owned platform, ending a debate on how users can have their privacy on the platform.
"The users have asked for more control over their experience as people turn to groups for important conversations. Today, we are introducing a new environment for privacy and welcoming system to help you determine who can add you to groups, "the spokesman explained.

In the past, Kenyans have voiced concerns over' unnecessary' changes.
By going to Settings, then Account, Privacy, Groups, you can enable the new permissions.

My Contacts Options means you can only be added to a group by users that you have in your address book, while My Contacts Except allows you to identify specific users that you prefer could not add.
"In those cases, an administrator who is unable to join a group will be prompted to send a private invitation through an individual chat, giving you the choice to join the group. Before it expires, you will have three days to accept the invitation," WhatsApp explained.

The update will be available on both IOS and Android from today.
To get the latest iOS update from WhatsApp, go to the App Store today, hit and tap your profile icon. Choose the app you want to update, or simply tap update everything.

Open the Google Play Store app on Android, tap My apps & games menu, choose the app you want to update, tap more, then hit update.

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