BIDOSESSI Musical Journey

BIDOSESSI, real name Arnaud Fridal Sessi GLELE., Born February 21, 1997 in West Africa. Beninese by Father and Mother, he has a particular passion for African Urban Music from which he takes his whole race. A Star

among many others, the Young African Star started his musical career at the age of 22, where he also prepared his Professional License in Audiovisual & Cinema.
Locate by HARMONY SOUND UNIVERSAL, Bidosessi released their first Tube titled "PRĂˆS DE MOI", that he made a HIT with the melodious MarcoPolo by his side. He then decides to broaden his base Fans by winning a Concert at the AGONLIN HIP HOP FESTIVAL and several SHOWCASES contracts a few days after the HIT's official release on the AUDIOMACK Musical Platform. However, Bidosessi seeking to flourish is invited by the Big Magazine AFRIHIT which launches its promotion on its Official Digital Blog.

The young musician returns to you in early 2020 with a brand new project that he discreetly works for his Fanatics.

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