Magix Enga arrested, the reason for his arrest is still unknown.

For reasons yet to be established, Magix Enga, an embattled Kenyan owner, was arrested on Sunday night along with his music promoter Maurice.

Police officers are seen confronting the veteran producer in raw footage before they arrest him and witness a fracas.
Magix Enga quickly distanced himself from the Uno music video of Harmonize, which hit the headlines over claims that copyright rights had been violated
He told the police immediately if the arrest were due to Konde's "Uno" album, it was back up already and they don't have to arrest him.

Meanwhile, the manager of Zzero Sufuri tried to tell the officers who he is but they were unable to hear any of that. They just did what they were instructed to do, according to the officers.
Enga sought to understand the reason for the arrest, but the law enforcer chose to remain silent, claiming that they would eventually come to understand.
They added that they had been looking for Magix Enga for a long time and found relief. The raw footage also shows the producer being forced into the back seat of his car next to the police officers in cuffs.

Since then, no communication has been made and no one is sure what the reason for their arrest might be.
They confirm the two are currently held at an undisclosed location in a post from the management of Magix Enga.

From @magix empire @weza music News Just In.. @Magix enga, Alongside Music Promoter Maurice has been arrested. At undisclosed location, they are currently held. As we get in touch with them, we are working on getting more news. @weza music #EmpireManagementMagix

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