Monalisa Of ' Nazar ' Fame Becomes a Magnificent Bride, Her Husband, The Statement of Vikrant

Nazar star, Monalisa, who married her longtime boyfriend, Vikrant Singh Rajput in the house of ' Bigg Boss, ' turned bride for a photo shoot again. Scroll down to see the reaction of Vikrant!
Bigg Boss is the only one in the world of reality shows in India to be able to fake marriages and love stories, but there are still some who find their' happily ever after' on the show. One such couple is Monalisa, Nazar's popularity, who married her long-time gorgeous, Vikrant Singh on the show in front of the country.

While many felt her marriage was another deal for Bigg Boss, Monalisa continued to deny the claims. We recall the actress had clearly mentioned in an interview that they were planning to get married for a long time, but things didn't go down. All the comments and trolls who found her marriage fake hurt her.

Recently, for a photo shoot, Monalisa turned a bride again and, oh boy, she left all the stars with her photos. The actress wore a beautiful golden lehenga from Neeru's India and used heavy maatha patti, nath, and choker neckpiece to accessorize her look. With rose-tinted cheeks, smokey eyes and nude lips, her look was finished off. Seeing her radiate a bride's glow, it seems that her husband, Vikrant, could not find words of praise, but instead, with a lot of heart-felt emojis. Please take a look at it below:

Monalisa gave a quintessential red bride look in another movie. She wore a bright red lehenga that accentuated her look and matched it with heavy accessories and kaleeras. Please check it out below:
Coming back to her love story, Monalisa spoke about her marriage in an interview and said, "Vikrant and I have been planning to get married for a long time, but for some reason, it wasn't going to happen. And our family members are ready to get engaged. The way I got married at the show was a big surprise to me, too. Vikrant consulted my parents and then decided to make a suggestion to me on the show. Marriage is a big thing for any child, and it's a special day. I can't even think of faking it for the series. This hurts when people say stuff like weddings have been planned or performed for TRPs. If I didn't get married at the show, I'd still get married after four-five months. I'm happy to be married on a TV show with the whole country watching it.

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