People on social media express mixed reactions to the death stunt of Magix Enga

For the last one month, Kenyan Top Music Producer Magix Enga has been topping chats after withdrawing "Uno by Harmonize" from YouTube and then returning it.

A week later he was arrested on a video with his whereabouts undisclosed.

The Beat King Magix Enga was later found dead on speculation....

How true are the rumors??? Is it true that Enga was dead or is a dead person?

Social media users were subjected by famous Kenyan music producer Magix Enga to a stunt on Tuesday night.
The stunt that came shortly after allegations that Magix Enga had been arrested led to reports that might have been passed on to him.

The Kenyan netizens who had taken the matter seriously earlier seemed not to be impressed by Magix Enga's move, which seems to warm up the internet for a music video he's about to release.
A group of Kenyans on Twitter thought that by using death as a joke, Magix Enga went a little too far.

They warned him not to joke about such serious issues, citing that he might have used another topic to draw internet attention.
On the other hand, a number of netizens were disappointed with the music producer who made a name for himself not only in Kenya, but throughout East Africa as a whole.

They believed such a stunt would make him irrelevant as an artist within a short period of time and warned him to change his marketing strategy.
However, some of the fans of Magix Enga could not help but sympathize with him, irrespective of the fact that it was just a hoax.

Earlier, with reports that he was arrested, Magix Enga had attracted the attention of the internet on a separate occasion.

It is a common phenomenon for artists to stage advertising stunts before releasing songs in the Kenyan entertainment industry.
here is a proof of what has happened to magix enga

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