Brian Kafero Fooball debut and his Career on his recent Life as his passion continues to penetrate the world of Soccer

Celeb Buzz Presents the full untold football story of Kenyan young Professional football Player Brian Kaferoh Omutanyi. Many may know Brian Kaferoh as one of the most skilled football player who is mostly likely to be compared by Neymar Jnr the Brazilian.

Brian Kaferoh Football career was firstly spotted by his Primary school coach in Std 6 MR Hosea Wetaba Tikotiko, Young talented and passionate player Brian Kaferoh talent started getting recognition  immediately when he joined the school team at that young age and was included to the first eleven squad back benching other players who have been in the team for a long period of time, As other thought the coach was biased to other players it turned out to the crowd that Brian Kaferoh was the top talented football player in the squad  of eleven players many reflecting to him as young Messi, Brian didn't give up from his dream recalling that he had a passion of being named one day as the best of the best, he decided to make a step and before completing Primary education Brian Kafero was spotted by a football management scouting team at which they took him for trials in Uganda and by God favor Kaferoh was able to get a free scholarship back in Nairobi under Mr Sagar Lakhani who was the school director, and this was the road of the beginning of Kaferoh big recognition to the society, fast reflecting to his rural land in Western Kenya Kakamega County Butere District.
Brian Kaferoh passion grew much stronger each single day after being named among the player who will represent Kenya in COSAFA U17 2016 which was held in Mauritius, "My talent was first spotted by my teacher in STD 6 who used to watch me playing lisubo (Luhya slang meaning local football made from papers) at break time during normal school days my teacher decided to include me in the school team training sessions at whom he was the coach, at first i couldn't believe it but it turned to be a real fact that my dream of playing football has been spotted and my passion is now exposed to them to the universe.
Brian Kaferoh recent life and football career made him become among the players who have big influence in their team. This year Brian Kaferoh has represented his team Ulinzi Jnr win the Chapa Dimba na Safaricom Cup in Nanyuki and making the team qualify for the top race at which some players will be selected to go and visit the big league of Spain Laliga Santadaer, Brian Kaferoh has help in the debut of his Team By being the top scorer at the tournament making the Goalkeepers be in tears each time they put a face on him.This is all about hardwork and Gods grace nothing more nothing less all that has happen is by God grace and my hardwork quote of the day.

Brian Kaferoh is further aiming to be named a legend leaving those who will alays reflect being like him. Celeb Buzz Wishes BRIAN KAFEROH a properous year of 2020 and assure him this will be his year of success and nothing will stop him

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