Many Refer to Moi as a Destroyer:He was not an Icon But a Dictator like Mugabe

Daniel arap Moi called Kenya a "single party democracy," but during his 25-year rule little democracy became evident. Churches in Kenya condemned the government and used transnational christian networks to shed light on the tyrannical policies of Moi. International donors subsequently halted funding amounting to $350 million. Desperate for this funding, Moi fulfilled the calls for multiparty elections from donors.

The election created an opportunity to overthrow the leader but by creating an effective counter-strategy, Moi retained power. His plan had two aspects to it. First, by deliberately igniting longstanding ethnic tensions, Moi split the opposition movement. Second, while still influencing the result Moi created the appearance of a free election. In particular, it restricted its fraudulent and Obstructionist pre-election conduct and relatively clean voting procedures on election day. This helped Moi to convince the international community that the polling was fair enough for the sanctions to be repealed. In doing so, tyranny sustained by international donors.
Kangema MP Muturi Kigano has questioned the practice where leaders pay positive tributes when a famous person dies.

Instead, Tuesday's lawmaker said former President Daniel arap Moi was a tyrant who slandered and imprisoned many Kenyans. The MP said they imprisoned those who supported the Moi regime.
Speaking on Tuesday at the Kanyenyaini market, Mr Kigano, who was representing one of the victims during the Moi era, said he could only compare the former president to Adolf Hitler (German dictator) who was ruthless with those who opposed him.
The MP claimed that the end of the era for Mr Moi was a lesson for Kenyans about what can happen when people rebel against God.

The MP said those who resisted his rule were persecuted by the Moi regime.

He said God gave long life for the former president to repent.

"Even though I join the rest of the country to mourn his death, it is necessary to tell the truth that Mr Moi was an enemy of intellectuals and that many died while he was, The MP claimed that Moi's administration had managed the 1982 coup to get rid of some army officers and bring Moi's people into the forces, a move he said had seen bloodshed in that country.

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